Training on development and implementation of Environmental management system at the State level

Tailor made training courses on Sustainable development - from idea to practical implementation - for KEY ministries, Public bodies and NGO’s.

The objective of this 3 - module training course is to increase awareness on sustainable management of the environment and natural resources and to develop and use environmental education and training as a tool for improving the management of environmental resources.

Training course on sustainable sectoral development includes such main topics as:

  • Principles of sustainable development;
  • Principles of sectoral planning – water sector (drinking water and waste water), waste management, including pesticides and fertilizers, integration of sustainable development principles into agriculture development policy, nature conservation as well as when dealing with environmental pollution, etc.;
  • Planning at the project and program level.

Inter-ministerial training course on sustainable development includes such main topics as:

  • Principles of inter-disciplinary planning;
  • Principles of inter-ministerial communication in the process of policy development and implementation;
  • Principles of stake-holder identification and involvement;
  • Argumentation and meaningful discussions;
  • Environmental information exchange system improvement;
  • Standardization of data collection and documentation;
  • National environmental information and documentation system development (establishment, maintenance and strengthening).

In-Deep Case Study Based Training Course on Programs and Projects Preparation for Sustainable Development.

Training course on programs and projects preparation for sustainable development includes such main topics as:

  • Review of all relevant policy documents and legal acts for their impacts on environmental sustainability and preparation of necessary amendments;
  • Identifying missing features and preparing amendments in policies and strategies where applicable;
  • Common work of Latvian expert team and experts to be trained on development of new methodologies that are applicable in particular country;
  • Practical on site case studies with practically implementable outcomes.