Privacy policy

This web page is owned, maintained and managed by Administrator JSC “VentEko”, unified registration no. 41203008864, legal address Darzu str. 2, Ventspils, LV 3601.

JSC VentEko takes care and protects privacy and personal data of web page visitors. This privacy policy provides information on how JSC VentEko collects and processes data of physical persons, states data subject rights implementation order and questions related to data protection of physical person.

Objective of person’s data processing is review and processing of applications, based on acceptance of data subject and provision of its legitimate interests.

By using communication section in webpage, you are voluntary providing to JSC VentEko following person’s data: name, surname, e-mail address, as well as other voluntary provided information. JSC VentEko shall not collect any personal information in this webpage on you without your personal permission, it shall use your person’s data only for communication purpose in order to communicate with you and replay to your questions, comments, requests and suggestions. Any personal information that are provided by you on voluntary basis to JSC VentEko is not accessible to the third persons and shall be processed in accordance with General Data Protection Regulation requirements.

JSC VentEko shall store person’s data according to defined person’s data processing objectives and requirements of normative acts, for as long as Administrator can realize its legitimate interests, while legal obligation for data storing exists and while data subject acceptance is in force.  

Data subject has rights to require limitation of person’s data processing, objection to person’s data processing, deletion of person’s data or require correction of person’s data according to provisions of the Regulation.

Cancellation of acceptance does not influence data processing that were performed during period when data subject acceptance was in force.

In case you have any questions on your personal data processing, or you have decided to recall your acceptance on data processing, please contact us by sending e-mail to: