Remediation works of Olaine liquid hazardous waste dump


In October 7, 2015 final event was held for remediation works of Olaine liquid hazardous waste dump historical pollution. The event was attended by the Minister of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development, General Director of the State Environmental Service, performer of the engineering supervision work Geo Consultants Ltd. and the Contractor – VentEko Ltd.

Liquid hazardous waste storage site in Olaine was established in 1972, however due to shortcomings of their technical performance pollutants spread in surrounding environment on several occasions, which resulted in pollution of groundwater, exceeding the permissible concentration norms of polluting components by thousands of times. The major polluting compounds that were released into the environment were pyridine and butanol.

Works were performed in the period from May to October 2015.

Amount of work performed - almost three hectares of territory were cleaned-up from hazardous liquid and solid waste.

  • 81% of waste recovered.
  • In total 5 318 m3 of solid waste was removed and liquid hazardous waste was evacuated from four waste pools.
  • The dismantling of concrete structures was carried out – removing 104 tons in total of contaminated debris.
  • 111 449 m3 of groundwater was treated.
  • 10 400 m3 of contaminated soil was sorted, which was located underneath the damaged hazardous chemical waste pools installed during the Soviet period.
  • 2 deep boreholes were tamponaged.
  • Groundwater, surface water and deep borehole monitoring system was installed.

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