Groundwater monitoring and monitoring system design

Environmental quality monitoring is necessary in order to obtain regular status update of situation and progress, thus allowing to identify causes for non-compliance with environmental standards, as well as assess the severity of environmental harm if any done.

VentEko specialists perform groundwater monitoring and monitoring system design:

  • Geological – hydrogeological composition and environmental quality analyses of the object territory;
  • Installation of groundwater monitoring well network;
  • Groundwater sampling and in-situ hydrochemical measurements;
  • Groundwater level and Light Nonaqueous Phase Liquid, i.e. hydrocarbon, thickness measurements;
  • Determination of groundwater flow direction, as well as direction of possible contamination migration;
  • Groundwater sample laboratory analyses;
  • Groundwater quality assessment in accordance with criteria provided in legislation;
  • Determination and clarification of pollution range and volume;
  • Elaboration of recommendations for remediation as well as further environmental protection and control measures.