Environmental Due Diligence

VentEko provides full Environmental Due Diligence (EDD) identifying and assessing potential environmental risks related to the transaction. Experienced team of professionals ensures high quality assessments that are adjusted to each individual transaction and compliant with relevant national and regional regulations.

Our services include:

Site assessment

  • Evaluation of potential risk of soil and groundwater contamination and any liabilities lying with the site due to past activities;
  • Services related to necessary measures and procedures for land transformation, etc.;
  • Preliminary geological and geotechnical desk study based on existing geological and geotechnical information, providing knowledge base for elaboration of program for geotechnical drilling and laboratory testing.

Environmental site investigation

  • Drilling works;
  • Sampling and field analyses;
  • Testing of soil samples;
  • Groundwater monitoring well drilling and installation;
  • Testing of groundwater samples;
  • Result assessment and report preparation.

Property condition investigation

  • Topographic map preparation;
  • Drilling works;
  • Testing of soil samples (for soil condition investigation);
  • Geotechnical report preparation.